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Kentucky Gauge is your Competitive Advantage

Unmatched Accuracy and Dependability.

What makes us different, gives you peace of mind.

2-YEAR WARRANTY We’re completely confident in our machines. So confident that we warrant our measuring and gauging equipment to be free from defects in material or workmanship for 2 years. No one else can say that.
RELIABLE HARDWARE Our rugged rack and pinion drive and wear-free linear encoders ensure you can rely on a Kentucky Gauge to withstand day-to-day abuse while maintaining high-accuracy measurements.
CUSTOM SOLUTIONS One size does NOT fit all. You give us your requirements and we’ll modify any of our machines to work exactly how you need them to. We offer customization on all of the equipment that we offer.
UNRIVALED SUPPORT Our commitment to customer satisfaction is why our customers continually come back to us for their measuring and gauging needs. Our unparalleled support is geared for your success.


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