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Sharp Vertical/Horizontal Bed Mill


Sharp Vertical/Horizontal Bed Mill

This model has both vertical and horizontal heads. Bed type vertical mills are ideal for milling large work piece or heavy cutting on hard metals. The quill is fixed so it can withstand strong lateral forces. For this model, the entire vertical head moves up to 28” that enables deep drilling and boring operations. The large spindle with #50 taper can remove large amount of metals in one pass. The horizontal head with 7.5 HP motor and #50 taper spindle driven by  AC servo motor on ballscrew performs horizontal milling operations with high accuracy.  This arrangement allows the performing of different type of milling operations on one set up, thus maintain accuracy and increase productivity.

  • 20” x 87” table, 24” x 59” travel
  • Vertical head travel 28”, fixed quill
  • NST #50 taper spindle, 20 HP motor
  • The Horizontal head has NST#50 spindle taper,7.5 HP motor. The head is driven by AC servo motor on precision ball screw for precise and easy operation.
  • Hardened and ground box ways
  • Fully ribbed castings on column, table and saddle to make it a rigid structure
  • Double nut backlash eliminator
  • Eye-level lever control for vertical head rapid traverse


Table Size 19.68 x 86.62 in. 106.3 x 29.5 in.
T-slots (No.x Width x Pitch) 5 x 0.75 x 3.56 in. 5 x 0.75 x 5.9 in.
Table Travel : X Longitudinal 59 in. (79 in. Opt) 78.75 in.
Table Travel : Y Cross 23.6 in. 31.5 in.
Vertical Head Travel 27.5 in. 27-9/19 in.
Spindle Center to Column 21.62 in. 31.5 in.
Spindle Nose to Table 4-31.5 in./min 2.75 to 30.3 in.

Standard Accessories

  • Coolant system
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Draw-in bolt (1 pc)
  • Tool box
  • Wired 220V or 440V

Optional Accessories

  • Power drawbar w/ foot pedal control
  •  6 in. “KURT” vise with swivel base D688
  • Halogen work light
  • Outboard support of table to increase longitudinal travel