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HACO High Capacity HDSY Press Brake


HACO High Capacity HDSY Press Brake

A custom designed press brake starting at 400T up to 1.200T

We build custom designed press brakes starting at 400T up to 1,200T. We also design tandem and even tridem press brakes to bend very long sheets, e.g.: light pole forming or modular buildings bases.

Our frame is a rigid bolted construction, stress relieved and machined on first class CNC long bed milling machines. Machine and table projection are under floor level. This results in an ergonomic and comfortable table height above floor level.

Long ram guiding

The bed is crowned (to compensate for unavoidable bed and ram- deflection under load) for average general purpose work with the machine. Long ram guiding, executed with non metallic gibes, provides minimum clearance, long lifetime and excellent ram guiding accuracy.

The hydraulic system is user-friendly located in the upper part of the machine. Use of first class hydraulic components (such as Rexroth, Vickers, …) and own built precision hydraulic manifold block.

2 independent hydraulic systems

The SYNCHRO system allows the Y1 and Y2 axis to operate as two independent double acting hydraulic systems. Both axis shares the same oil supply but the flow to the valves as well as true positions of the ram are entirely and separately controlled by computer command.

The CNC reads ram position from the linear encoders while monitoring and adjusting the proportional valves, producing a double closed loop system.

Exact measuring

Two independent linear encoders are mounted by means of a separate C frame to the table, so the unavoidable (even minimum) side frame deflection (and machine load) does not influence the exact measuring (0.01mm) of the ram position.