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Standard Industrial C-Frame Press


Standard Industrial C-Frame Press


The model CC C-frame press is perfect for applications requiring center-loads or even tonnage across the bed. Available in tonnages from 35 up to 300 tons (larger tonnages available with special quote). A Hydraulic press of this type offers full tonnage throughout the stroke and 3 ram speeds (fast approach, slow press and fast return). This is useful for a variety of work such as forming, punching, drawing plus any other even tonnage application. With exceptional speeds and bed sizes as well long stroke and open height, you will find the base machine to fit most customer requirements.

Standard Industrial offers the model CC with a non-guided ram versus our heavier DC model press with box-guided ram for when off-center or uneven tonnages are expected. The model CC comes with a heavy duty ram plate attached to the cylinder rod with (2) 5/8″ t-slots machined as well as (2) t-slots in the bed. The ram plate can also have additional slots and/or drilled and tapped holes added for tool mounting. There are a wide variety of options to choose from as well to customize the press to your exact needs.

*****100% made in the USA with our unmatched 5 year parts warranty plus a lifetime of readily available parts all from your local suppliers. You will never have another “orphaned” machine due to an overseas manufacturer who can’t get you parts or a domestic manufacturer with proprietary parts that forces you to buy everything from them. With Standard Industrial you will always be able to get the part you need for the lifetime of the machine from any number of sources available to you.


Forming Tons
Punching Tons
Bed Size
Ram Plate Size
CC35 35 Tons 17 Tons 12 in 14 x 24 in 12 x 12 in
CC60 60 Tons 30 Tons 12 in 15 x 26 in 14 x 14 in
CC100 100 Tons 50 Tons 18 in 20 x 34 in 18 x 18 in
CC150 150 Tons 75 Tons 18 in 22 x 34 in 18 x 18 in
CC200 200 Tons 100 Tons 18 in 26 x 41 in 20 x 20 in
CC250 250 Tons 125 Tons 18 in 29 x 41 in 20 x 20 in
CC300 300 Tons 150 Tons 18 in 27 x 48 in 22 x 22 in