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*Piranha Single End Punch


*Piranha Single End Punch

Piranha SEP-120 Ironworker

The SEP-120 is the most cost-effective single-end punch in America. Its 21.5-inch throat allows for a wide range of tooling and useful attachments.

Important Advantages

Standard features of our single-end punch include:

  • Complete punching attachment with stripper
  • Electric limit switches for stroke control
  • 5 punch and die set
  • 5 position joystick control (electric) with jog up & down, fast up & down, and neutral
  • Remote electric foot switch
  • Coupling wrench
  • Integral lifting lug for instant portability
  • Extra oil filter
  • Remote reservoir and power unit

The bending attachments are designed to increase productivity on the punch end of the machine. The 18” attachment is mounted perpendicular to the beam. Bending attachments include a 4-way bending dies with openings of 7/8”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/2” and 2”.

We offer a Channel Die Block which replaces the standard die block and is designed to punch a hole in the leg or web of channel.

Oversize Attachments mount in place of standard punch attachment and are designed to punch a 50-ton maximum hole. Heavy Duty attachments and urethane stripping options for attachments 2-3/4” and larger are available upon request.

The quickset gauging table option is a productivity tool for the punch end. The gauging table mounts around the die block and uses finger stops to repeat a series of punched holes in flat bar or angle. The attachment comes with a table and flat bar gauge with measuring rules for easy hole location layout. A 5’ or 10’ extension can be added to the left or right side of the base table for longer part processing.

The pipe notching attachments mount easily on the platen table in place of the punch die block. This is a single notch system. To notch both sides of the pipe you must rotate the pipe and realign with the notching die for the second notch.

The pipe notching attachment is made up of three separate pieces, the pipe notching die holder, the pipe notching die and the pipe notching striker.

  • The pipe notching die holder is a universal die holder that bolts to the platen table and can accept 3/4” through 2” Schedule 40 Pipe Notching Dies
  • The pipe notching dies are spring return die sets that mount in the pipe notching die holder. Standard sizes of pipe notching dies are 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” and 2” Schedule 40. Other sizes of pipe and tube notching dies are available upon request but may require a different die holder.
  • The pipe notching striker is an extended flat bottom punch used in your standard stripper assembly to press down the pipe notching die.