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Overton End Trim Machine


Overton End Trim Machine

Do you have a tube end form that needs a precision trim to meet specifications? This Overton Machine is custom built to meet this exact application. When the quality of the end of your tube is critical to you operation, such as robotic welding, this trim machine will be the workhorse of your operation. Capable of trimming up to a 6″ OD tube in our standard setup, our machine can also stand up to larger requirements, up to 14″ OD. If you need to add precision trimming to the end of your tube, the Overton Trim Machine is the one to get it done.

Machine Features

  • 6″ Standard OD Capability
  • Capable of 16″ OD
  • Hydraulic or Electric
  • Allen-Bradley Standard – Other Options
  • Easy Automation Integration
  • Extremely Low Maintenance