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Kalamazoo Metal Muncher GB Punch Press


Kalamazoo Metal Muncher GB Punch Press


The GB Series is a great buy for any shop that needs a solid, dependable, dedicated Punch Press, yet needs the ability to expand the capabilities of a press to allow shearing or forming for special jobs.

For a dependable Punch Press that will give you years of reliable service the Kalamazoo Metal Muncher GB series should be your first choice.

Each Press can be set-up with different tooling to perform separate operations.

The Metal Muncher brand has earned a spot at the top with over 52 years of excellent performance and durability.  While others made claims, Metal Muncher units were busy proving themselves where it really counts . . . on the workshop floor.

The many years of on-the-job experience have resulted in design improvement and operation features that assure maximum productive performance and operator safety.

Machines available in 40-ton, 70-ton, 100-ton, & 135-ton versions.