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Clausing/Colchester Geared Head Lathes


Clausing/Colchester Geared Head Lathes

Clausing/Colchester Geared Head Engine Lathes are the industry standard for conventional lathes… because the quality built into every machine translates into real long-term performance in your application. Rugged construction, consistent quality in design and production and the “human engineering” which makes the operator more efficient, all make this lathe a cost-effective investment.


13″ & 15″ Diameter Swing, Geared Head

Standard Features…

  • Fully-geared headstock with 12 spindle speeds from 40 – 2500 rpm 13″, 16 spindle speeds from 25 – 2000 rpm 15″
  • All headstock gears are hardened and ground
  • Headstock shafts are splined and turn on anti-friction bearings
  • Spindle bearings, gears and shafts are lubricated by a forced lubrication system
  • A broad range of Feed and Thread selections are available by using three selector levers and an 8-position rotary dial
  • Precision spindle bearings
  • Cross slide runs along a dovetail guide
  • Bed wipers and an apron mounted one-shot lubrication pump
  • The cast iron apron is totally enclosed and splash bath lubricated
  • Gap Bed with easy-to-remove bed blocks
  • 25″ & 40″ center distances 13″, 25″ & 50″ center distances 15″
  • Equipped with chuck guard, full splash guard and leadscrew cover
  • Clutch drive, reverse leadscrew with spindle turning for faster thread cutting
  • Extra wide bed provides accuracy and minimal wear
  • A one year warranty and backed by the Clausing Service Center dedicated to support our customers with parts and service