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AIM FANUC Robotics


AIM FANUC Robotics

AIM Integrates FANUC Robotics for Full Automation Solutions.

One of the biggest challenges that today’s wire formers face is competing in a global marketplace. Our goal at Automated
Industrial Machinery is to continually take the cost of labor out of your profit equation. Through effective use of automation, you will not only stay competitive, but also increase your potential for higher profit margins. As an integrator of Fanuc Robotics, we can move your product to and through multiple processes quickly, precisely and automatically all within the footprint of a high production workcell.

Fanuc robots come in different sizes with varying load, speed and reach capabilities and can be very effective with both 2D and 3D parts applications where secondary operations are involved and more complex movement and/or placement of the part is required.

For simple parts transfer, most typically when welding frames on our AFM Series 2D bending machine, we also offer our Automatic Servo Part Transfer Module. Pick up and drop off locations are programmable and the unit is available for all 2D models with up to 5kg load capacity.

At AIM we have the experience and technology to enhance your manufacturing efficiencies and maximize your throughput. Let us help make your business prosper by selecting the right product(s) to design and build a true workcell solution.