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AIM Double Head AFE 3DH Bender


AIM Double Head AFE 3DH Bender

AccuForm Modular Double Head Bender, AFE-xDHx

The AFE-xDHx line of equipment is designed with the old four-slide technology in mind but without the time consuming intricate setups, costly tooling, and the need for an expert operator. The DH in the model number stands for “Double Head” which means the machine has two individual bending heads. Each bending head positions along a straight wire and bends it according to pre-programmed data.

The user manually sets a straight pre-cut wire to the bender or a wire feeder module (option) automatically feeds the wire through a straightener and cuts the wire to user pre-defined lengths. A hopper mechanism can place straight & cut wire pieces direct to the two benders. An automatic gripper (3D option) can rotate and hold the straight wire during a bend operation. After the part is complete, it can eject to a part holder or an optional robotic “Pick & Place” arm.

The AFE-xDHx machine has four (4) independent coordinate systems.

1) The Feeder / Hopper coordinate
2) The Left Bender and Slide coordinate
3) The Right Bender and Slide coordinate
4) The Rotation Clamp coordinate (on the 3-dimensional models)

Since all coordinate systems operate independently, they can all work simultaneously, synchronized by the Rotation Clamp coordinate. Even with the complicated DH configuration, the AIM SmartEditor® software generates the algorithms needed by the machine controller automatically. The AIM DH machine has built-in algorithms that build the complex motion algorithms!

The AIM user simply enters lengths and angles that comprise the desired part and SmartEditor® does all the rest. However, even the most advanced users can control the exact steps of the equipment, for instance where an intricate part operation requires absolute coordinate programming.

The basic AccuForm E-Series Double Head line configuration includes two benders mounted on two slides and a stationary center clamp. On the basic configuration, the user manually sets a straight (pre-cut) wire for the bend operation adjusting the wire cutter location which could be guided from the benders.

Bending Heads

Each Bending head can be programmed to provide 6 moves and directions:

1) Left and right, positioning parallel to the wire, locating the position of a bend
2) Clockwise and counter–clockwise to bend the wire
3) Up or down (recessing for clearance between bends)
4) Bending head 2nd stage up or down allowing selection of two different sets of bending tools
5) Bending head wire clamp rotation (extend or retract), helping guide the wire while bending. When distances are critical, the bending head can be programmed to hold the wire and move it, allowing for smaller bend to bend distance.
6) Bending head wire guide up or down, programmable for flexibility and even smaller bend to bend distances

Center Wire Clamp
The center wire clamp on the AFE xDHx line is stationary and the wire can be moved programmatically using the benders, providing more flexibility and smaller bend-to-bend distance.

Programmable moves:
1) Center Clamp wire clamping and rotation (3D version)
2) Part eject, in or out, for part ejection

The three dimensional option (AFE-3DHx machines) adds another axis to the system, allowing wire clamp rotation throughout the part program.

g new methods to increase the production floor flexibility.