*AIM AFM 2Dx Wire Bender


*AIM AFM 2Dx Wire Bender

AccuForm Modular 2Dx, Tilting Table, Single Stage Bending Head

The AccuForm Modular line consists of components that are interchangeable within the same size. The major components that comprise the AccuForm Modular line are as follows:

1) Turntable
2) Straightener
3) Feeder
4) 2 Dimensional Bender
5) Optional accessories such as punching, chamfering, threading, drilling, piercing, marking, and many others

Each AccuForm Modular CNC wire bending machine can currently have up to 32 motion axes, depending on the machine configuration. These machines take wire directly from coil, straighten it, bend it, and cut it to create wire products designed with the use of AIM’s exclusive software package.  SmartEditor® provides flexibility and simplicity in setup.  Programming is quick and easy. All you need is to enter the lengths and angles of your product, view the design, edit if necessary, and begin production!

Models offered with a turret option (-T) add one servo axis, for automatic and programmable bending tool-changer along with a second bending pin.