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AIM AFFB 6 Wire Bender


AIM AFFB 6 Wire Bender

AccuForm Frame Bender

The AFFB in the model number stands for “AccuForm Frame Bender”. The AFFB wire capacity is: 2 to 6.35 mm (0.80″ – 0.250″).
This machine is designed to make large frames or wire border frames usually for the mattress/bedding industry with maximum sizes of 72″ x 84″ (1828 x 2134 mm).

Each AccuForm Frame Bender machine can currently have up to 14 motion axes, depending on the machine configuration and options. With the feeder option the AFFB takes wire directly from coil, straightens it, cuts it, and bends it to create wire frames designed with the use of AIM’s exclusive software package: SmartEditor® which provides flexibility and simplicity in setup. Programming is quick and easy. All you need is to enter the lengths, angles and speeds of your product and begin production!

The user manually sets a straight pre-cut wire to the benders or one is automatically placed (see rotary straightener option) directly to the two lower benders. An automatic gripper holds the straight wire during the bend operation. After the part is complete, it can eject to a part holder or an optional robotic “Pick & Place” arm.

A simple wire frame calculator can be used for the total wire length depending on the frame sizes. Besides the standard bed-frame sizes, the user can add his own custom sizes.