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AIM AFES 3DxT Wire Bender


AIM AFES 3DxT Wire Bender


Our New AFES-3DxT models are here! Unveiled at the Interwire 2019, AFES, is an updated five servo axis, turret tool changer machine with an ultra-fast servo cutter at a very attractive price!

The most flexible, versatile 3D machines in the market.

Multiple Mandrel Indexing Tool Head Option
All AFES-3D benders are available with the Turret Head indexing tool head option. Turret Head
machines feature not just one but TWO programmable bending pins. The hard bending pin is
used for short bend-to-bend requirements and producing parts with extremely complex bends.
The roller bearing bending pin is used for radius generation in making rings, spirals or large radius

The multi-mandrel tool cluster holds round pins, roller tools, and sharp bend dies…all of which are
user replaceable. The Servo Wire Cutter provides burr-free square cuts and is capable of
a “zero length” cut-off.

Expandability – Versatility
All 3D benders can be expanded by adding accesories. Adding modules for inline secondary operations such as chamfering, threading, undercutting and flattening can extend the versatility of your AccuForm AFES-3D machine. Stand-alone floor mounted units are available for chamfering, threading, ball-end radius and cold heading. Multiple axes pick and place units can automatically transfer formed parts to secondary machine operations. A second bending head can be added for extremely intricate bends.

Wire Bending Made Easy
The AccuForm modular line of 2D & 3D programmable CNC steel wire benders make virtually any kind of simple or complex parts from round and flat wire.

Using AIM’s SmartEditor program, a variety of different shapes can easily be designed.
SmartCode can be used for standard shapes such as rings, polygons and spirals by simply entering
the desired lengths, number of sides or diameters.

DXF files can be imported from your CAD system. Animation Simulation shows the part being formed before production begins allowing changes to be made prior to machine operation.

“Dial-a-Service” allows access to any machine worldwide via internet allowing diagnostics to be
performed within minutes.