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AIM AFE 3Dx Wire Bender


AIM AFE 3Dx Wire Bender

The E-Series machine offers functionality, ease of use, and a great value unmatched in the industry.

TURRET HEAD Indexing Tool Changer

Turret head machines offer two programmable bending pins. The Hard Bending Pin is used to form intricate bends and long running jobs, where tool wear may become an issue. The Roller Pin is used to produce arcs that need to be generated, with minimal marks on the wire. The tool cluster is the “heart” of the bender containing round pins, a roller and sharp bend dies. This variety allows the use of one tool set to accomplish many styles of bends; including a “press brake” style bend, when the radii of the bends are significantly less than the wire diameter. When the bending pins and tool cluster are coupled together they provide the user with up to 8 tooling combinations. The hydraulic cutter (dual acting) produces burr free square cuts and delivers a “zero length” cutoff.

Non-TURRET Configuration

The Non-Turret configuration is the Original Bending Head and has been tried and tested in the field for more than a decade. Although it lacks the flexibility of the Turret Head it gains an advantage of cutting and forming in the same area without indexing the tools. This characteristic reflects less time to make a part, leading to a higher
production rate. The cutting unit for this head is also powered by a robust hydraulic unit.

E-Series Package Options

Standard Option 1 Option 2
AFE Model with +/- 180
degree Z-Axis rotation
DXF/XYZ Import
Same as Option 1 including:
Software Upgrades for the
Warranty of the machine (1 year)
SmartEditor® Animation Simulator Slip Ring for infinite rotation
on the Z-Axis
Free Upgrades for the LIFE of
the machine (1st owner)
One seat for the Office
Version of SmartEditor®
Lowest cost
Best value at low cost Most Flexibility at low cost