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ACRA 8VL Heavy Duty Bed Type Vertical Boring & Mill


ACRA 8VL Heavy Duty Bed Type Vertical Boring & Mill


Table Travel X (Longitudinal): 78.74”
Table Travel Y (Cross): 31.5”
Vertical Spindle Head Travel (Vertical): 27.56”
Vertical Spindle Nose to Tabletop: 2.75” ~ 30.3”
Vertical Spindle Center to Column Front: 31.5”

Table Working Area: 29.5” x 106.3”
T slot (Wide x No. x Pitch): 0.7” x 5 x 5.9”
Tabletop to Floor: 35.43”

Spindle Head:
Spindle Nose: ISO R297 No.50
Vertical Spindle Speeds: 45-1,500 Infinitely Variable
Z-Axis Feeds (Vertical Spindle): 0.12 ~ 11.81”/min

Feed & Rapid:
Rapid Traverse (Longitudinal & Cross): 122”/min
Feed Rates (Longitudinal & Cross): 1.1” ~ 39.37”/min
Change of Feeds: Infinitely Variable

Vertical Spindle: AC 20 HP
Feed: Servo Motors, X & Y-Axis: 4.7 HP, Z-Axis: 1.75 HP
Lubrication: AC 3.5W-2P
Cutting fluid: AC 1/6 HP-2P
Voltage: 220V AC~3 PH

Standard Equipment:
• Coolant System.
• Auto Lubrication System.
• Draw Bar.
• Leveling Blocks.
• Automatic Table Feeds with Rapid Traverse.
• Tools and Toolbox.
• Hardened & Ground Box ways.