Masteel CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear



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Masteel CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

MSH – Available Capacities 1/4″ to 3/4″ – 8’4″ to 12′ Length

  • Two square arms with stainless steel rule and disappearing stops
    • -7 Ft squaring arm on left to square long sheet material
    • -4 Ft squaring arm on right to provide even knife service life on both ends
  • Front gauge with adjustable disappearing stops and stainless steel rule
  • 4 Ft front support arms
  • Ball transfers in table for easily handling of heavy material
  • Ball transfers on front support arms, front gauge bar and right squaring arm
  • Shadow light and line for positioning scribed line
  • Cut-off material sliding tray for easy collection of cut material
  • Safety guard