*EMI Tube Plasma TCP2400


*EMI Tube Plasma TCP2400


Consolidate Multiple Fabricating Processes into One Flexible MachineThe 2400 Series Tube Plasma Cutter is an expansion on the 2100. In addition to processing round, the 2400 handles angle iron, C-channel, flat stock, square, and rectangle profiles. Expand your processing capabilities to increase manufacturing and fabrication. 

The 2400 CNC plasma pipe cutter combines fabrication steps into one continuous process, reducing direct labor and floor space requirements while increasing profitability.We help job shop manufacturers build better metal products – like handrail, scaffolding, and material racks– and make the process efficient, quick, and reliable. The 2400 Series machines are 4-axis and handle to 24’ material length.


  • Cut any combination of diameters and intersection angles with no tooling changes
  • Reduce or eliminate manual measuring, sawing, notching, drilling, deburring, and repetitive handling
  • Produce weld-ready miters and copes and improve weld penetration
  • Simultaneously produce holes, slots, and other features without drilling or punching
  • Replace your tube bending machine by using EMI’s unique feature, Bend Notching, to create precise, repeatable, and efficient bends
  • Eliminate fitting hassles and minimize warping with precise joints
  • Automatic lift system provides assistance and quickens material handling