*DNE Global Laser


*DNE Global Laser


Fast and reliable laser cutting machine for more profit per part Powerful laser output of up to 6 kilowatts Maximum operating convenience Attractive price-performance ratio The smart way to process sheet metal Combining industry-leading value with the quality (and reliability) of Swiss engineering, our LC 3 fiber laser cutting machine offers you all the performance and speed you will need to succeed in the sheet metal processing business.

  • Local service support and parts availability – fast response time, proven components
  • State-of-the-art technology based on Swiss expertise
  • Set a benchmark in terms of programming

Machine configuration ready to cut: Basic Scope:

  • 21.5” Touchscreen Monitor
  • SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) – USB & Ethernet Interface
  • Wireless Hand Held Control
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • DNE PowerCAM Software
  • DNE Vision Cutting / Motion Cutting
  • Laser Power Choices: 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000W
  • Cutting Head
  • Chiller
  • One Year Warranty or 2000 Hours (whichever comes first)

Options: Dust Extraction – Donaldson 2nd High Pressure channel   SPECIFICATIONS

Length 34′ 8″ ft/in
Width 19′ 5″ ft/in
Height 9′ 0″ ft/in
Nominal sheet size 120 in x 60 in
Cutting area X, Y, Z 122 in, 62 in, 4 in
Max. positioning speed parallel axis X/Y 3937 in/min
Max. simultaneous positioning speed 5511 in/min
Bilateral repeatability of positioning of one axis R (following ISO 230-2:2014(E))  ± 0.002 in
Averaged, bilateral position deviation of one axis M (following ISO 230-2:2014(E)) ± 0.004 in
Edge detection accuracy ± 0.019
Max. workpiece weight 1984 lb
Machine weight 26015 lb
Table changeover time 24 s
Power 6000 W
Polarization Unpolarized
Wavelength 1 μm
Pulse frequency 1 – 2500 HZ
Maximum sheet thicknesses: Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum 0.750 in
Maximum sheet thicknesses: Brass, Copper 0.375 in
Total electrical consumption of system 29 kW