Birmingham Shear


Birmingham Shear

Model:  H-1035-C


Cutting Capacity (Mild Steel) 10 Gauge
Stainless 13 Ga.
Strokes Per Minute 25-35 SPM
Number of Hold Downs 16
Back Gauge Rear Operated Manual Back gauge
Back Gauge Range 24’
Blade Rake Angle ½” – 2” Degrees
Horsepower 7.5 Hp
Dimensions 151” x 66” x 64”
Weight 11,500 lbs
Light Beam Shearing Gauge 4 Edge Bottom Blade
Hydraulic Rake Angle Adjustment Front Support
Hydraulic Overloan Protection Rear Operated Manual Back Gauge
Hydraulic Hold Downs Electric Foot Pedal
Parts Counter Made In China

                        **** Specifications are approximate and subject to verification