*Bend Tech Dragon A150 Series Tube Plasma



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*Bend Tech Dragon A150 Series Tube Plasma

Bring your 3D CAD designs to life

Bend-Tech Dragon Model A150 is a complete solution for tube cutting, etching, and marking combined with the world’s most powerful software for tube design and manufacturing. A150 will plasma cut your end profiles, holes and contours. It will also mark or engrave your bending information; including bend angle labeling, bend location line-up marking and bend rotation line-up marking. Dragon can also mark your weldment fit-up locations. All this is done in seconds directly from your 3D solid CAD designs.

CNC Plasma Cutting/Marking Machine for all your tube & pipe cutting needs

Integrated CAD & CAM Software

Streamlined CNC Machine

If you are marking bending locations, cutting end notching profiles, etc, Dragon’s CNC driven system allows for easy machine operations to manufacture the parts you need with the push of a button. The movable and simple to use operator’s panel will keep your tasks simple and safe.

Our software bundle is the brain of Bend-Tech Dragon machines. These smart CAD and CAM software will eliminate lengthy and complex conversion process for manufacturing your CAD files. With Dragon machine and the help of Bend-Tech software, you will no longer have to manually unfold your 3D CAD in order to manufacture that part.

Machine specs:

  • Machine travel length:
    -A150, 12 foot model: 148″ (126″ of travel in 1 position/unlimited when re-positioned).
    -A150, 21 foot models: 296″ (270″ of travel in 1 position/unlimited when re-positioned).
  • Tube size:
    -Round: 0.75″~3.00″ diameter (Up to 2″ using pass through ability of chuck).
  • Tube weight: 150 lbs maximum
  • Working height: 41″
  • Machine weight:
    -12 foot model: Approx 790 lbs
    -21 foot model: Approx 1000 lbs
  • Foot print (Including part catcher):
    -12 foot model – Length: 228″, Width: 26″, Height: 60″
    -21 foot model – Length: 336″, Width: 26″, Height: 60″
  • Speed of cutting: Varies by material (.120 wall cuts at 190″ per minute at 45 amps)
  • Marking adapter: Designed for Sharpie™ fine tipped pens
  • Material support: Included in 21 foot model