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AFFB-6 Machine Description 
The AFFB in the model number stands for “AccuForm Frame Bender”. The AFFB wire capacity is: 2 to 6.35 mm (0.80? – 0.250?).This machine is designed to make large frames or wire border frames usually for the mattress/bedding industry with maximum sizes of 72? x 84? (1828 x 2134 mm). 
Each AccuForm Frame Bender machine can currently have up to 14 motion axes, depending on the machine configuration and options. With the feeder option the AFFB takes wire directly from coil, straightens it, cuts it, and bends it to create wire frames designed with the use of AIM’s exclusive software package: SmartEditor® which provides flexibility and simplicity in setup. Programming is quick and easy. All you need is to enter the lengths, angles and speeds of your product and begin production! 
The user manually sets a straight pre-cut wire to the benders or one is automatically placed (see rotary straightener option) directly to the two lower benders. An automatic gripper holds the straight wire during the bend operation. After the part is complete, it can eject to a part holder or an optional robotic “Pick & Place” arm. 
A simple wire frame calculator can be used for the total wire length depending on the frame sizes. Besides the standard bed-frame sizes, the user can add his own custom sizes. 
The AFFB-x machine has up to (4) independent coordinate systems: 
1) The Benders coordinate 
2) The Feeder coordinate (option) 
3) The Benders Slides coordinate (option) 
4) The Welding Module coordinate (option) 
Since all coordinate systems operate independently, they can all work simultaneously, synchronized by a master coordinate, the Benders. Even with the complicated AFFB configuration, the AIM SmartEditor® software generates the algorithms needed by the machine controller automatically. The AIM AFFB machine has built-in algorithms that build the complex motion algorithms!The user simply enters lengths and angles that comprise the desired part and SmartEditor® does all the rest.In addition to programming simplicity, AIM machine construction is exceptional. AIM machine frames incorporate solid steel plates and structural tubing, minimizing vibrations and providing the greatest possible stability at fast operating speeds. This design enables AIM machines to deliver the fastest production rates in the market!The basic configuration of the AccuForm Frame Bender includes four benders mounted on high precision slides and a stationary center clamp. All slides have a tape measure for easy marking and setup between frame changes or with the automatic setup option the positioning of all benders can be automatically done by the click of a button.Each bending head can be programmed to provide two (2) different moves: The bend position and the return bender position. Each move speed can have separate speed in order to optimize production depending on the size and weight of the product and tensile strength of the material. 
Wire straightener & feeder Option: 
AIM rotary straightener option (RS6) is a fully automatic wire straightening, feeding and cutting system that enables direct coil feed, providing the highest production rate coupled with the greatest repetitive accuracy. Opposing dual arbor rotary straightener eliminates wire torsion effects and minimizes marking. “Four Wheel Drive” wire feeders are capable of operating at lower pressure, meaning no wire marking. Using V-groove rollers, you can run more than one wire diameter per groove and by using two V-grooves per roller, wire capacity doubles. Power transmission is through high torque, precision drive belts and high precision planetary gearboxes; NO adjustments needed. Double action cutter for strong and fast cuts: Double acting pneumatic cylinder provides fast and powerful motion for the extra heavy-duty cutting operation.SmartEditor® programming controls the straightening, feeding (measuring), cutting, positioning of the wire directly to the bender heads and clamping systems. 
The automatic Feeder Option includes the Model P270-5 Fully Automatic Powered Payoff Unit (Turntable) capable of handling coils weighing up to 2000 Kg. (4400 Lbs). 5 Hp AC motor, automatic speed control with AC Vector Drive, adjustable tension for dancer control arm, speed range: 5-70 RPM, rotating base Ø: 1140mm (45?). Heavy-duty construction with oversized tapered bearings assures maintenance free operation. All electrics are supplied from main electrical cabinet; there is no need for a separate electrical connection box. 
Automatic Wire Feeder with Rotary Straightener option (RS6): 
Feed Speed: 55 meters/min (180 ft/min) 
Precision: +0.3 mm (+0.012?) 
Opposing Dual Arbor Rotary Wire Straightener is capable of wire linearity < 1:1000 at 6mm wire diameter. 
AFFB-6 machines use a pneumatic actuated cutting system. The system will cut the wire to a pre-programmed length and position it to the gripper mechanism directly to the bender heads and clamping systems. 
Wire feeding module consists of four rollers (all driven), wire guide, sprocket-belt reduction unit, hi- torque drive (HTD) belts, wire length measuring/feedback device and one brushless servomotor. 
Welding Option (AWF6i) 
This option automaticaly is mounted on the upper bender slide and welds the frames when bending is completed. It includes the latest in technology welding controls: a mid frequency, inverter (DC) and provides programmable welding scheduling. Extra functions such as annealing or tempering can be easily added via SmartEditor® and all welding schedules are saved with each individual program in the computer.Heavy duty/high precision guides provide accurate and repeatable alignment and clamp and tip force is adjustable. 
Automatic bender position setup option (ABS6) 
This option adds another 5 servo motor controlled axis in order to automatically position all benders to the desired location for a preprogrammed frame size. This is a “convenience” option and it is meant to decrease the setup time between production frames along with providing accurate and repeatable setups.
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