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Dragon Model A400 
For production shops that need a round, square, rectangular tube cutting/marking solution. 
CAD Compatibility 
Bring in your 3D CAD designs, or create them from scratch with Bend-Tech Dragon. Dragon comes with the Dragon Software Suite which is able to import files from other CAD programs including Bend-Tech, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor, PRO Engineer, etc. Once imported to Dragon software, you can modify the part's design, and also generate its manufacturing information which will be calibrated to your tube & pipe bender.
CAM Integration 
Dragon's CAM software (exclusive to Dragon machines) will automatically unfold your designed bent/unbent 3D tubes into flat drawings, while converting any cutting and marking paths into machine readable G-Codes. This conversion process will compensate for your material stretching, springback, rotations, etc. Bend-Tech Dragon software also comes with a nesting ability to allow several parts on the same stock tube.
CNC Machine Operation 
The Bend-Tech Dragon machine is capable of marking bending locations, rotations, and more with its engraver or marker. Also Dragon will cut holes and end notch profiles with a plasma torch. Dragon's CAM-driven system allows for easy machine operations in order to manufacture the parts you need with the push of a button.
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