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Model CT20  
Non Ferrous Saw Semi Automatic Air-push System  
Rotary Angle Cutting Machine 
Miter cut range from 0°- 45° plus 90° 
Out Feed Position Stopper 
    A slight push can move the stopper to desired position
Endurable Blade Shaft 
  The blade shaft is heat treated and surface is chromate.
Oil Mist System 
  The oil mist generated by vacuum devise. It provides excellent lubrication plus cooling effect and prevent chips from accumulating on the cutting area.
Machine Standard Specification  
Capacity / Model
Worktable Height
Saw Blade Size
ψ1" x20"x120T4
Saw Arbor Speed
3600 RPM
Air Pressure
60~90 PSI
Worktable Area
Machine Dimensions
Cutting Capacity Chart  
Clamping and Cutting System are controlled by their respective pneumatic cylinder. It allow user to adjust clamping and cutting speed independently.  
Clamping with Super wear-resisting stable linear slide rail ensures clamping pressure on cutting material  
Adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of cutting material  
The oil mist promotes lubrication and cooling to optimum cutting performance.  
Adjustable clamping height  
Miter cut up to 45 degrees from 0 to ±45° and 90°  
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